“Fantastic! What a terrific bag you are holding!! Where can I buy it?? ” These were the remarks while walking through MoMa, while passing the High Line, while visiting Cape Cod. The SheepShopper shows up, and man (!) and women turn their heads!

The story of the SheepShopper is simple and strong: we just do not want to waste anything! At V&S we breed our sheep, feed our sheep and eat our sheep; therefor it is simply normal to use its full nature: also the organs, the fat and of course it’s skin.

Our ecological kept flock have more woolhair, stronger threads and thicker skins. They hardly need any help while giving birth, and are very strong thus sustainable. Enjoy this farmmade fines; a real headturner and a lifestyle accessoire.

Sheepshoppers are holding their own content… frozen organic meat is inside the bag when delivered.

The shoppers come in two sizes: Small €395 and Big €479. Interested? Please sent us an email.